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TEN TOP GIFTS TO BUY FROM THE GREEKS. Taking gifts back for loved ones is an important part of your holiday. This is a suggestion of gifts you could take back home. these gifts can suit any budget.
  1. Grecian urns - ceramic, decorated or plain, replicas of helmets or swords.
  2. Pure Olive Oil Soap in decorative sack wrapping and Virgin Olive Oil in traditional bottles.
  3. Komboloi - Greek worry beads (Can be from amber, silver, gold...etc), Key rings of Greek symbols.
  4. Jewelry - Hellenic Gold inspired by the art and architecture of prehistoric classical Greece, up to the Byzantine era.
  5. Bottle openers, paper clips in bronze with various Greek motifs .
  6. Greek honey, sweets, chocolates, pistachio Nuts from Aegina (the best quality of Pistachio in Greece)
  7. Traditional styletable cloths, cushion covers and rugs.
  8. Natural Sea Sponge from the Aegean Sea.
  9. A CD of traditional Greek music or a DVD with Greek sites, a Poster or Postcards of Greece, with stamp s.
  10. Leather jackets or T-shirts with Greek Scenes .

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