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I am Nickolas and I represent a group of drivers and guides all of us are non-smokers, myself included and we keep our air-conditioned cars well-serviced and to high standards of cleanliness.

 I have studied the history of art and graphic design and worked at a young age at an Athens newspaper as a designer (I designed this website and took all the photos - If you like it let me know.) You can view my portfolio of photos at a selection of them can also be seen at

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At the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens I worked as a driver/guide for the biggest Japanese newspaper, the "Asahi Siboun". Transferring the Japanese journalists and photographers to ceremonies and all the main events for a month, not only in Athens but also in Olympia, Marathon,  Thessalonice. The work was exhausting but the experience of watching so many sports, some of them I had never seen in my life before, was unforgettable.

Photos from the Ceremony of Olympic Flame in Olympia.      

My colleagues and I have been in operation since 1985 and on the net since 1999. We were the first to offer Private Tours, not just day tours but week long tours which need synchronization. Our clients came from all over the world, places such as Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA, India, Japan... we are proud to say we have built up an international reputation as a company offering private tours to all destinations on mainland Greece. Dated testimonials can be found on our site, with real clients who can be contacted.

Our driver/guides are chosen carefully, speaking perfect English, French, Germany...being non-smoking and having the cleanest well maintained luxury vehicles. We cater for any size of group, the tours are private, your group only, and therefore totally flexible, tailor-made just for you, your friends, family and affiliates.

We specialize in creating the tour of your lifetime where you can relax, have no worry of driving, allowing all passengers to enjoy the scenic drives through the beautiful Greek countryside, stopping wherever you desire to take photos, swim or hiking, have a break...

Any combination or schedule of tour can be arranged for you from one day tour to two week long tours, depending on the time you have available. We arrange accommodation in hotels and mansions B&B (A' class), which maintain the traditional style combining peace with luxury and cleanliness, with stunning views, in well chosen locations in the big cities, towns or in the beautiful mountains of the mainland.

Most Important, we will accompany you (overnight tours) in the local restaurants if you wish, and will recommend the local cuisine, we will walk with you in the sites describing you the culture and history of Greece.

People usually choose tour buses. Buses cannot offer much choice because they deal in mass tourism. That is why their schedule is inflexible and usually unimaginative. They decide on what you are going to see, for how long you are going to see it and with whom (usually 50 other tourists) you will share the tour.

The point of our message is: We can offer you a wonderful guided tour, in a luxuriously comfortable and climatized vehicle (a real pleasure in the summer heat!). The unknown Greece (as named by Clay Perry an internationally renowned photographer in his book Vanishing Greece) is yours for the asking either at a tavern where you can enjoy real Greek cooking, traditional workshops where you can find Greek handicrafts off the beaten track, not the usual tourist haunts. GREEK LIFE

Please view menu on our website for references, link to recommendations.  Clients who can be contacted. These references are all real. We do not advertise ourselves as "  The most honest or most well known driver/guides in Greece". This is our own website written by us and testimonials from real clients from the USA , Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia ....etc, who have been on our tours, whom you may email or call. All the information on this website is updated continuously.

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