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Delphi, Meteora, Volos, Tour of Pelion Mountain

Let Us Take You To Hidden & Known Places in Mount Pelion

Comment: See the main cultural and archaeological, historical and religious highlights of Greece. Time is allowed for gentle walks, swimming and coastal relaxation. Most of the driving is on mountain and coastal roads.

Mount Pelion & Villages

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1st day: Starting from Athens in the morning, drive through the fertile plain of Beotia, crossing the town of Thebes connected with the tragedy of king Oedipus. Proceed to Levadia, a lively town, an important junction in the road network and an industrial centre, the textile mills treat the cotton grown in the Copais valley.

The upper town is graced by white houses with jutting wooden balconies dating from 18c. We'll  stop for a drink by the beautiful river Krya. Over the spot where the water springs out, lies the Municipal Cafe "XENIA". During the ancient times, Krya is said to be the location of the Oracle of Trofonios Zeus which included the springs of  Mnemosyne (Remembrance) and the spring of Lethe (oblivion). The oracle was used as a stage before visiting the oracle of Delphi and as such, through the times, it acquired great power and riches.

Overnight in Delphi or Arachova one of the most traditional villages in Greece. A winter resort for skiers, built on the south slopes of Parnassus (940m/3084ft). The  main narrow street winds its way between taverns and workshops. In the taverns one can savour a dish of soft fried cheese (formaela) The workshops sell shoulder bags, carpets and long haired rugs (flokati) in bright colours.

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2nd day: Delphi, visit Castalia Spring and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaea. Depart for Meteora from the east side of Mount Parnassus, through Heracles' road - this is a superb mountain road running between Bralos and Iraklia (21km/13mi about 1 hr) with an impressive landscape and extensive views. The road descends into Lamia, passing through typical towns and numerous picturesque mountain villages of Central Greece we'll arrive in Meteora.

Visit Meteora, North of Kalambaka in the northwest corner of the Thessaly plain a group of fantastic grey rocks rises up out of the trees in the Pinions Valley. Perched on the top of these huge and precipitous columns of rock, (there are some 60 of these columns of rock, a favorite haunt for climbers) are the famous coenobitic monasteries known as the Meteora which means "in the air" where you can see exquisite specimens of Byzantine Art. Of the 24 monasteries that grew up between the 13th and 16th centuries only six are still inhabited:  The Great Meteoron, Agia Triada, Agios Nikolaos and Varlaam by monks: Agios Stephanos and Roussanou by nuns.

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3rd day: Leave before noon for Volos and Pelion. Tour of Pelion. Anakassia, in the village, which lies to the left of the road, is the Theophilos Museum. The museum is installed in the "house of Kondos", a beautiful building decorated with frescoes by the great primitive painter, Theophilos (1873-1934), a native of Lesbos who spent part of his life in Volos. The road continuous to climb towards Portaria with a view over Volos Bay. Portaria, 650m/2133ft. A pleasant resort in summer, cool and fresh, with a view up to Makrinitsa and down over Volos Bay, beautiful village square with superb plane trees (cafes, restaurants) and characteristic houses. From Portaria will take the road (panoramic view) to Makrinitsa (overnight). Makrinitsa 700m/1297ft. The village occupies a magnificent site on a verdant slope facing Volos Bay, it is pleasant to stroll through the steep and narrow streets among the splendid old houses, some of them are quite large and have been well preserved and restored. The main square (platia) is especially attractive with its fountain and its plane trees.

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4th day: Return to Portaria and continue to climb. Agriolefkes (Hania Pass) 1200m/3937ft. Winter sports resort (ski lift), set in beech and chestnut woods, there is a road from here to the summit of Mount Pelion. The road descends towards the Aegean through beech and chestnut woods before reaching the level of the orchards 13km/8mi from the pass bear left to Zagora (overnight in traditional mansion  Zagora, this was an important centre of Greek culture under the Turks when the Pelion region enjoyed a certain autonomy. Zagora is a little town of houses set in orchards and gardens watered by many fountains. It was also a centre for hand-woven cloth which was exported by boat from the port at Horefto. From Zagora a side road plunges downhill to Horefto, a fishing village with a long beach of fine sand.

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5th day: Return towards Hania Pass, take the narrow but picturesque road to Tsagarada (overnight), before we'll visit Agios Ioannis (very white beach at the foot of green hills). Tsagarada 500m/640ft. Peaceful resort where the houses are dispersed among the trees, the village boasts one of the oldest and largest plane trees (15m/49ft circumference) in Greece. Nearby is Milopotamos which has two beaches flanked by rocks.

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6th day: Continue for Millies and Vizitsa with many typical old mansions (overnight). Millies, this is a pleasant resort, which was a centre for Greek culture under the Turks and possesses a history library containing some rare volumes. The road back to Volos follows the line of the famous Pelion railway along the shore of the bay.

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7th day: Return to Athens via Thermopile (where in 480 B.C. a battle between the ancient Greeks and Persians took place - visit  Leonida's Monument) and Kammena Vourla (last stop for coffee break or lunch by the sea). Arrive in Athens in the evening.


Daily: Week long tour. All year round. However high periods such as Christmas, New Years Day, Easter and the middle of August are extremely busy and are best avoided.

Comment: See the main cultural: archaeological, historical and biblical highlights of Greece. Time is allowed for gentle walks, swimming and coastal relaxation.


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Delphi, Meteora Monasteries, Mount Pelion, Villages of Pelion...swimming in Aegean Sea..

Closed on Holidays: January 1st., March 25th, May 1st, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On Good Friday, the sites are open 12.00 - 17.00.

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