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Dear traveler if  you donít want to wait in endless taxi cues at the airport or Port (* and take whichever one you get when it is your turn), when youíre tired after a ten - hour journey or maybe itís a bank holiday or early morning and you want, someone to wait for you, to speak to you in English, to help you with your luggage, to take you directly to your hotel, the port, the mainland whatever the time of day, call us.

 (Inform us if your group is more than four persons, or you have large amount of luggage -European cars don't have big trunks). All our drivers are non-smokers, and we keep our air-conditioned cars well-serviced and to high standards of cleanliness. *Athens Airport

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Transfers from Athens Internationa Airport

Transfers from Ports

Transfers from AirportsWe will be there waiting for you even if your plane is delayed. Transfer - with escort from the airport to the center-35km, (personal service).

Our services are also available to companies or individuals who need limousine service for multiple appointments and/or need a driver standing by for efficient transportation and/or a translator between appointments.

Transfers with MiniBus Arriving by Ferry: Imagine arriving  from the Greek islands on a crowded ferry and as you arrive, you see a few cabs waiting for the hundreds of people about to disembark and you wonder how you are going to get to your hotel, or to the airport. Then imagine how you will feel knowing that one of them is pre-booked  waiting for you. Do not worry if your boat is delayed for any reason, we will have advised our staff of your new arrival time.

Transfers from Ports

Port of Piraeus: Greeceís Oldest and largest port located 15 km from the center of Athens. This port has daily departures to all of the Greek islands.
Port of Rafina: This port is located on the Eastern shore of Attica 45 km from the city center. Smaller than Piraeus this port serves some of Greek islands such as Mykonos, Tinos, Andros, Paros.
Port of Lavrio: This port is located on the southern most tip of Attica 75 km from the city center. This port serves a few nearby islands: Kea, Kythnos ... but is known for its modern marina which serves all private yachts (Attica Olympic marina).
Port of Agiou Konstandinou: This port is located 165 km from Athens and this port serves the following Sporades Islands: Skiathos, Skopelos and Allonisos.

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  • All the places you like to visit.

  • Other things You like to do ...

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  • Your names as they appear on your passports!

  • If traveling with children, also submit their age at the time of travel.

Accommodation: In hotels and mansions (Luxury class or  A' or B' class - air conditioning -private bathroom), which maintain the traditional style combining peace with luxury and cleanliness, with stunning views, in well chosen locations in the big cities or coastal towns or in the beautiful mountains of the mainland.

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